Second Continuation of Character Entities

Œ338OEligLatin capital ligature OE
œ339oeligLatin small ligature oe
Ò210OgraveLatin capital letter O with grave accent
ò242ograveLatin small letter o with grave accent
8254olineOverline = spacing overscore
Ω937OmegaGreek capital letter omega
ω969omegaGreek small letter omega
Ο927OmicronGreek capital letter omicron
ο959omicronGreek small letter omicron
8853oplusCircled plus = direct sumIE?
8744orLogical or = veeNo IE
ª170ordfFeminine ordinal indicator
º186ordmMasculine ordinal indicator
Ø216OslashLatin capital letter O with stroke
ø248oslashLatin small letter o with stroke
Õ213OtildeLatin capital letter O with tilde
õ245otildeLatin small letter o with tilde
8855otimesCircled times = vector productNo IE
Ö214OumlLatin capital letter O with diaeresis (umlaut)
ö246oumlLatin small letter o with diaeresis (umlaut)
182paraPilcrow sign
8706partPartial differential
8240permilPer mile sign
8869perpUp tack = orthogonal to = perpendicularNo IE
Φ934PhiGreek capital letter phi
φ966phiGreek small letter phi
Π928PiGreek capital letter pi
π960piGreek small letter pi
ϖ982pivGreek pi symbolNo IE
±177plusmnPlus-minus sign
£163poundPound sign
8242primePrime = minutes = feet
8243PrimeDouble prime = seconds = inches
8719prodN-ary product = product signIE?
8733propProportional toNo IE
Ψ936PsiGreek capital letter psi
ψ968psiGreek small letter psi
"34quotQuotation mark = APL quote
8730radicSquare root = radical sign
9002rangRight-pointing angle bracket = ketNo IE/NN
»187raquoRight-pointing double angle quotation mark
8594rarrRightward arrow
8658rArrRightward double arrowNo IE
8969rceilRight ceilingNo IE
8221rdquoRight double quotation mark
8476realBlackletter capital R = real part symbolNo IE
®174regRegistered sign
8971rfloorRight floorNo IE
Ρ929RhoGreek capital letter rho
ρ961rhoGreek small letter rho
 ‏8207rlmRight-to-left markNo IE
8250rsaquoSingle right-pointing angle quotation mark
8217rsquoRight single quotation mark
8218sbquoSingle low-9 quotation mark
Š352ScaronLatin capital letter S with caron
š353scaronLatin small letter s with caron
8901sdotDot operatorNo IE
§167sectSection sign
­173shySoft hyphenNo NN
Σ931SigmaGreek capital letter sigma
σ963sigmaGreek small letter sigma
ς962sigmafGreek small letter final sigma
8764simTilde oeratorIE?
9824spadesBlack spade suitIE?
8834subSubset ofNo IE
8838subeSubset of or equal toNo IE
8271sumN-ary summationNo IE/NN
8835supSuperset ofNo IE

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