Character Entities

Netscape renders more of these character entities than does IE.
Install these entities with the following code:  &# number ;
Obtain the number from the second column below.

Á193AacuteLatin capital letter A with acute accent
á225aacuteLatin small letter a with acute accent
Â194AcircLatin capital letter A with circumflex
â226acircLatin small letter a with circumflex
´180acuteAcute accent
Æ198AEligLatin capital letter AE
æ230aeligLatin small letter ae
À192AgraveLatin capital letter A with grave
à224agraveLatin small letter a with grave
8501alefsymAlef symbol = first transfinite cardinalNo IE
Α913AlphaGreek capital letter alpha
α945alphaGreek small letter alpha
8743andLogical andNo IE
8736angAngleNo IE
Å197AringLatin capital letter A with ring above
å229aringLatin small letter a with ring above
8776asympAlmost equal to = asymptotic toIE?
Ã195AtildeLatin capital letter A with tilde
ã227atildeLatin small letter a with tilde
Ä196AumlLatin capital letter A with diaeresis (umlaut)
ä228aumlLatin small letter a with diaeresis (umlaut)
8222bdquoDouble low-9 quotation mark
Β914BetaGreek capital letter beta
β946betaGreek small letter beta
¦166brvbarBroken bar = broken vertical bar
8226bullBullet (black small circle)
8745capIntersection = cap
Ç199CcedilLatin capital letter C with cedilla
ç231ccedilLatin small letter c with cedilla
¢162centCent sign
Χ935ChiGreek capital letter chi
χ967chiGreek small letter chi
ˆ710circModifier letter circumflex accent
9827clubsBlack club suit = shamrockIE?
8773congApproximately equal toNo IE
©169copyCopyright sign
8629crarrDownward arrow with corner leftwardNo IE
8746cupUnion = cupNo IE
¤164currenCurrency sign
8225DaggerDouble dagger
8595darrDownward arrow
8659dArrDownward double arrowNo IE
°176degDegree sign
Δ916DeltaGreek capital letter delta
δ948deltaGreek small letter delta
9830diamsBlack diamond suit
÷247divideDivision sign
É201EacuteLatin capital letter E with acute accent
é233eacuteLatin small letter e with acute accent
Ê202EcircLatin capital letter E with circumflex
ê234ecircLatin small letter e with circumflex
È200EgraveLatin capital letter E with grave accent
è232egraveLatin small letter e with grave accent
8709emptyEmpty set = null set = diameterNo IE
  8195emspEm spaceNo IE
  8194enspEn spaceNo IE
Ε917EpsilonGreek capital letter epsilon
ε949epsilonGreek small letter epsilon
8801equivIdentical to
Η919EtaGreek capital letter eta
η951etaGreek small letter eta
Ð208EthLatin capital letter eth
ð240ethLatin small letter eth
Ë203EumlLatin capital letter E with diaeresis (umlaut)
ë235eumlLatin small letter e with diaeresis (umlaut)
8364euroEuro sign
8707existThere existsNo IE

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