First Continuation of Character Entities

ƒ402fnofLatin small f with hook = function
8704forallFor allNo IE
½189frac12Vulgar fraction one half
¼188frac14Vulgar fraction one quarter
¾190frac34Vulgar fraction three quarters
8260fraslFraction slash
Γ915GammaGreek capital letter gamma
γ947gammaGreek small letter gamma
8805geGreater than or equal toIE?
>62gtGreater than sign
8596harrLeft right arrowIE?
8660hArrLeft right double arrowNo IE
9829heartsBlack heart suit = valentineIE?
8230hellipHorizontal ellipsis = three dot leader
Í205IacuteLatin capital letter I with acute accent
í237iacuteLatin small letter i with acute accent
Î206IcircLatin capital letter I with circumflex
î238icircLatin small letter i with circumflex
¡161iexclInverted exclamation mark
Ì204IgraveLatin capital letter I with grave accent
ì236igraveLatin small letter i with grave accent
8465imageBlackletter capital I = imaginary partNo IE
Ι921IotaGreek capital letter iota
ι953iotaGreek small letter iota
¿191iquestInverted question mark
8712isinElement ofNo IE
Ï207IumlLatin capital letter I with diaeresis (umlaut)
ï239iumlLatin small letter i with diaeresis (umlaut)
Κ922KappaGreek capital letter kappa
κ954kappaGreek small letter kappa
Λ923LambdaGreek capital letter lambda
λ955lambdaGreek small letter lambda
9001langLeft-pointing angle bracket = braNo IE/NN
«171laquoLeft-pointing double angle quotation mark
8592larrLeftward arrow
8656lArrLeftward double arrowNo IE
8968lceilLeft ceiling = apl upstileNo IE
8220ldquoLeft double quotation mark
8804leLess than or equal toNo IE
8970lfloorLeft floor = apl downstileNo IE
8727lowastAsterisk operatorNo IE
 ‎8206lrmLeft-to-right markNo IE
8249lsaquoSingle left-pointing angle quotation mark
8216lsquoLeft single quotation mark
<60ltLess than sign
¯175macrMacron = spacing macron
8212mdashEm dash
µ181microMicro sign
·183middotMiddle dot
8722minusMinus sign
Μ924MuGreek capital letter mu
μ956muGreek small letter mu
8711nablaNabla = backward differenceNo IE
 160nbspNonbreaking space
8211ndashEn dash
8800neNot equal to
8715niContains as memberNo IE
¬172notNot sign
8713notinNot an element ofNo IE
8836nsubNot a subset ofNo IE
Ñ209NtildeLatin capital letter N with tilde
ñ241ntildeLatin small letter n with tilde
Ν925NuGreek capital letter nu
ν957nuGreek small letter nu
Ó211OacuteLatin capital letter O with acute accent
ó243oacuteLatin small letter o with acute accent
Ô212OcircLatin capital letter O with circumflex
ô244ocircLatin small letter o with circumflex

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