Animal Energy

Photograph portrays a herd of camels moving through a busy intersection in downtown Cario, Egypt, while automobile traffic waits patiently. D

Traffic Jam

Before the age of carbon energy (fossil fuel) and mechanization,
humans increased their wealth by utilizing strong animals to accomplish work.

Western people know that horses were used as draft animals. But in the desert areas of Asia and Africa camels have been the preferred beast of burden. Other work animals include donkeys, mules, llamas, buffalo, elephants, oxen, and dogs.


The Bactrian camel common to Asia can tolerate 140 degree heat and arctic cold. It can travel about 47 miles per day while carrying as much as 1000 pounds. The Arabian camel cannot carry as great a burden as the Bactrian variety, but it can travel 100 miles per day. Both types can exist without water from three to several days depending on physical exertion, ambient temperature, and availability of forage containing moisture.

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