Camel Ride

photograph portrays a camel being transported in a small pickup truck.

Riding Camel

Some animals walk by moving a hind leg forward on one side
of their body and simultaneously moving a foreleg forward on
the opposite side, e.g. horses. Some animals run by moving both
hind legs foward simultneously then moving both forelegs forward
simultaneously, e.g. big cats. Camels are different. Camels
move both legs on the right side of the body forward
simultaneously then move both legs on the left side
forward simultaneously. That physiology gives a
camel jockey a rough ride.


photograph portrays an angry camel and a startled tourist.

Attitude is everything

The trick to camel riding is attitude adjustment--
your attitude and the camel's attitude!

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photograph portrays an adult camel and an adolescent camel touching noses.
photograph portrays a mother camel with a nursing youngster.