El Suk Camel

photograph portrays hobbled camels in a camel market.

The Camel Market

Camels are purchased, sold, and traded by those who use them for transport, racing, breeding, meat, milk, leather, and hair(camel's hair garments). That commerce occurs in camel markets("El Suk Camel").

Flying over many parts of the United States at night conveys the impression that the US is a continuous, lighted city. Energy lights our country at night enabling 24 hour a day economic activity. Energy propels the automobiles that carry us to our jobs. Energy heats and cools our buildings enabling year 'round economic activity. Energy propels rocket engines into orbit carving a new economic frontier.

Energy-Health Relationship

Energy Use Income Lifespan InfantMort
United States Bench Mark Bench Mark 77 yrs 7/1000
Egypt 8% of US 9% of US 63 yrs 62/1000
India 6% of US 5% of US 62 yrs 65/1000
Mexico 10% of US 19% of US 71 yrs 26/1000

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photograph portrays two donkeys harnessed to a cart.
photograph portrays a domesticated water buffalo.