The Apartment Manager's Guide

Insights for New Managers

In Memory of Kris


A successful apartment manager must act, in some respects, as a combination mayor, chief of police, and head school master. These roles suggest positions of authority. An apartment manager, however, must generally accomplish tasks without authority. That requires leadership.

Concerns of investors or management company officials must also become concerns of apartment managers. However, problems that are vexing for an apartment manager are not always of equal concern to investors or management company officials. That is normal in any enterprise. We devote most of our energy to our primary responsibilities. But it does suggest that an apartment manager must be able to explain the importance of apartment management problems that occur on site and must also possess the personal constitution necessary to manage those problems, even if other members of the company consider the problems to be relatively unimportant.

Laws affecting apartment management vary depending on the jurisdiction. That is, the laws in one state may differ from the laws in another state. The laws in a city may differ from the laws in another city within the same state. Specific instructions cannot be given in this guide for any matter that is subject to law. However, relevant issues are discussed, to alert the reader that the topic may be a "tread lightly" issue requiring guidance by an attorney.

This guide is an alphabetized set of topics that apartment managers must deal with successfully.

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Authors:  Kristin A. Stevenson
BA Philosophy, cum laude; BA English Literature, cum laude
University of California--Riverside
and Jack Stevenson
Copyright © 2002 Jack Stevenson
Registered copyright. All rights reserved.