Stereo Equipment

Some people purchase audio amplifiers that are much too powerful for an apartment. The disconcerting noise from overpowered audio amplifiers is a significant cause of discontent among apartment dwellers. These high wattage amplifiers drive sound through apartment walls with ease, although when the sound reaches the next apartment, it is no longer music; it is merely unpleasant noise. The problem is aggravating to tenants, and every apartment manager and management company needs to deal with the problem before prospective tenants are accepted and allowed to move into the apartment complex.

Acoustic insulation isn't a practical solution. Sound attenuation is a function of density, which means that noise is impeded by steel plate or thick concrete walls. The only practical procedure for an apartment complex is to establish rules and contractual agreements, and enforce those rules and agreements vigorously.

Urban lifestyle exposes tenants to a vast amount of noise and stress on a daily basis. A tenant expects an apartment to be a refuge and sanctuary. Apartment managers and management companies have a responsibility to ensure that each apartment facility is a refuge and sanctuary.