Safety for tenants, employees, vendors, and visitors must be given serious attention. You want to prevent injuries, avoid liability lawsuits, and avoid generating Workman's Compensation payments.

The first step is to invite representatives of your local fire department and your insurance agency to inspect your property on an annual basis. These professionals have expert knowledge based on both first hand experience and on training. Their recommendations, if implemented, will help you maintain a safe environment. Modern fire departments can advise you regarding fire prevention and are also competent to advise regarding use and storage of industrial chemicals.

The next step is to write safety policies and procedures for your tenants, employees, visitors, and for any vendors who may work on your property. Special attention must be devoted to safety procedures for your maintenance staff. They must be carefully instructed to insure that their tools, equipment, and activities do not cause injury to others. Prevention of falls (slips and trips) is another area that must be specifically addressed. Rules must be established governing tenant activities such as automobile operation and prevention of tenant storage of toxic or flammable materials. The manager should personally insure that employees are instructed regarding safety. If you lack the background experience required to develop safety policies and procedures, seek help from someone who is competent in that field.

If your property maintains swimming pools, safety rules should be coordinated with the local government agency that monitors and inspects those pools.

If vendors work on your property, require those vendors to present proof of currently valid liability insurance.