Pest Control

Pest control is an essential for an apartment complex. Urbanization is destroying wildlife habitat. When there is a shortage of food caused by drought or other conditions, wild creatures frequent urban areas in search of food. The author has, in an urban apartment complex setting, had to deal with the following: ants, bees, birds, coyotes, crickets, mice, mosquitoes, opossums, cockroaches, skunks, and termites. Cockroaches, an ancient species, seem to have developed an affinity for modern buildings.

Pest control often requires chemicals that are toxic to humans or pets. Pest control applicators are now regulated and licensed. Apartments should be treated during the turnover process, when they are vacant, and after the cleaning and other work has been accomplished. That process tends to prevent pest infestation. If you expect to rent an apartment at a high price, you want no one to ever see a cockroach.

Pest control treatment in an occupied apartment may require removal of dishes, silverware, and food, and those items must be wrapped or covered. People and animals must be evacuated for a few hours. Pest control treatment in occupied apartments is not the best solution.

If pest infestation becomes severe, it may be necessary to evacuate the building, "tent" the building, and saturate it with vapor to destroy the pest infestation. It is an expensive process--in dollars and public relations. If you allow pest control to deteriorate to that point, you have lost the game.