Parking Facility

Automobile parking facilities often require aggressive management. A parking facility projects an image of the tenant profile--the type of people who reside in the apartment complex.

Is your parking facility safe 24 hours a day?
Is your parking facility a truck park?
Is your parking facility an automobile repair zone?
Is your parking facility a storage area?
Is your parking facility a trash disposal area?
Is your parking facility a recreation area?

Signage may be both desirable and a legal requirement, but signage does not regulate human behavior. If it did, no one would exceed the posted automobile speed limits. Banks would not need vaults. They would just post signs reading: Don't Steal the Money. Human behavior is, at best, partially regulated, and regulation is accomplished by the use of physical barriers and by legally acceptable sanctions.

Your parking facility will make an impression on prospective tenants, and it will be a stronger impression than any sales pitch or advertising literature you can devise. Make appropriate rules and enforce those rules.