Inquiries About Tenants

Requests for information about your tenants should routinely be denied. There are good reasons for not revealing information about tenants. You do not want to unwittingly facilitate a crime. Revealing information about a tenant has the potential to generate a lawsuit against the management company. Revealing information about tenants would also be a public relations disaster. If tenants believe you will release their personal information, they will distrust you and the management company.

An exception to release of information exists if a court has ordered the release. There may be emergency situations in which fire, police, or emergency medical personnel have a legitimate need for limited information.

A tenant may ask you to release specific information. If, for example, the tenant has applied for a loan or a job, an attempt to verify current address may be expected from the prospective lender or the prospective employer. The tenant should provide a written request authorizing release of specific information and should sign the request in your presence.